A school uniform promotes School identity and pride, minimises the social pressures of overdressing in a  school environment and is generally less expensive for parents.  

Wearing our uniform correctly is important for our School tone because it shifts the emphasis from competition back to academic performance, personal achievement and mutual respect.  

All uniform clothing items can be purchased through NZ Uniforms.  They have an online shop where you can buy your child’s school uniform online or alternatively you can visit them in-store at 1302 Ranolf Street, Rotorua.

 We do however have a small amount of stock (Jackets and Polar Fleeces only) in various sizes at clearance prices.  It may pay to phone the school office and see what is available.

Special Occasion Items:


To discourage competition of dress our students are encouraged to come to school in modest dress appropriate to everyday work.  At school students should be practically, attractively and economically dressed in a manner that allows students and parents some choice.  Our school reserves the right to decide whether standards of personal dress and grooming are acceptable, and to take action when standards are unsatisfactory.

Art or Technical Subjects

Students are advised to wear a protective shirt or in technical subjects the protective equipment supplied. Shoes are required in workshops at all times to comply with OSH Safety Standards.

Dress Uniform

Worn on “official school trips” as determined by the Principal
Reporoa College Blazer (supplied by College) or school jacket, white dress shirt and school tie, black trousers for boys and black skirt and black pantyhose for girls.

Please click on the Uniform requirements to view and download it.